Bienvenidos a nuestro bonito lugar familiar! Una Neveria donde encontraras las mejores chucherías! Riquísimas Nieves, Paletas, Elotes en vaso, Elotes Enteros, Malteadas y una gran variedad de ricos postres Mexicanos :)

Las Chucherías offers a variety of snacks like: Ice Cream, Corn in a cup, Crepes, Churros, Nachos, Chilindrinas, Mangoneadas, Tostilocos, Gansito Split, Elotes Chorreados....

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Las Chucherias
Crepes Dessert Mexican Energy Drinks
Business Hours
Mon - Sun: Noon - 9:00 PM



The cashier was very attentive and the ice-cream/munchies shop was very clean. A lot of delicious dessert. Will be coming back.


If you're looking for so yummy Mexican treats, this is the place to go. It's a very cute colorful place and very clean. The desserts are yummy and you'll be coming back! The crepes are so delicious! The fruit is always fresh! They give you the choice to personalize your own dessert. So yummy!!!
-Yesenia T.


Staff is nice and friendly. They really make you feel welcome. Snacks are good and reasonably priced
-Mario R.